Coping with Herpes

This post is about living with herpes. If you would like some natural treatment for herpes or herpes medicine, scroll down.

Have you just been diagnosed with Genital Herpes? It sucks, but dont sweat about it too much! In this post I will be going into some detail on the emotional side of Herpes and how you can deal with it.

First of all, you need to realize that you are not the only one. One in five Americans have Genital Herpes or an STD that is much worse. Chances are that you know someone who also has herpes! But always remember that Genital Herpes will not kill you or cause serious health risks, though you shouldnt underestimate it.

Never let Genital Herpes dictate your life. YOU ARE NOT THE DISEASE, you only have it. You are just as attractive and appealing as you were before and no one will be able to see those red bump under your clothes. You are still funny, charming, sweet, or whatever quality you have. Your partner will not care about a disease if they truly love you, plus there are “dating with herpes” sites to find those who also have herpes. You may have to take medication, but that is a reality of life. Many people take medication for Genital Herpes and many others take medication for other diseases as well.

Dont lose your confidence, and dont let this disease control your life. Get married, have children, and live like you never had the disease in the first place. Please comment encouraging posts and helpful tips for those who need them. Thanks for reading guys 🙂

How to Treat Herpes

If you have herpes, dont worry. Its not the end of the world! Many people have learned to cope with it and use several different methods to help treat it and make living with herpes easier, and Im going to share some methods I have found with you. There are obviously some medicine for herpes, but also some treatments that dont involve medicine.


Well you could always go to the doctor for some prescribed antiviral medicine, which will usually work very well. But if you dont want that for whatever reason you could also use asprin or ibuprofen to relieve pain.


You should always keep the area dry, but once in a while you could soak it with warm water and maybe use a blow dryer since using a towel will hurt. There is also a substance called Propolis that is directly applied and can heal the sores faster than tradition drugs. Prunella Vulgaris (a herb) and Rozites Caperata (a mushroom) are edible substances that fight the herpes virus. All these can be bought in stores and are considered nutritional substances.

– Put baking soda or cornstarch in the sore to dry them out and promote healing

– Heat up a tea bag in water (like you were making tea), let the teabag cool, then place the bag directly on the sore

– Use a bag of ice on the area to relieve itching and pain

– Aloe Vera (in sunburn ointments) can ease pain and promote healing

– Wear loose fitting clothes to help air circulate around the area

Hope these help guys! Try these out and let me know how they effected you, good or bad. If you have any weird treatments of your own, feel free to comment!